Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life (and blog) catch-up

I'm just touching base with you all, to let you know I'm back from holidays: a quiet time with our family after a very busy Christmas (isn't it always?) and 10 days away at the beach. Glorious boogy boarding, time for our kids to play with their cousins, and lots of lovely walks and jogs along the beach...

Yep, I've started jogging. Couch to 5K, to be exact, using an app on my new hand-me-down iPhone, 3 weeks in, and 4 to go. Much to my surprise, I'm loving it - and discovering muscles in places where I've had no muscles for years. My one resolution (Only one resolution?! Amazing!) for 2013 was to get more exercise, and summer holidays seemed like a good time to start.

Last year wasn't easy (is it ever easy?) with Ben sick so very much. He starts high school this year, which fills me with nerves! I've also discovered that parenting a 14-year-old girl is wonderful, scary, demanding, and very fulfilling. It's a delight watching my older two children grow with God, but I grieve to see the end of their childhood - and I make the most of the time left with my two little ones.

As usual, I took on a few too many extra responsibilities in 2012, and ended the year pretty exhausted and emotionally drained. I'm still recovering. Steve and I have agreed that I won't write so many seminars in 2013.

Another thing that will probably have to go is my online meanderings - at least in their organised, detailed form. For one thing, doing them left no time for exercise - and for many other little things - at all! I'm not sure what haphazard, erratic form they'll take this year, but I don't want to give up reading other people's blogs, so no doubt I'll still send some links your way.

The school year looms all too quickly. I love school holidays, and dread losing my kids to school every year. Which doesn't mean I don't enjoy the relative space and quiet once school starts... But school holidays always seem too short.

And then there's the inrush of term-time responsibilities - ministry and outreach and running the family taxi service. I'm in that January season when you dread the year ahead and wonder how you'll manage it! I volunteered to give a couple of talks at a women's conference later this year (gulp!) and already I feel a little nervous. I also plan to keep writing, and sharing Jesus with women at school, church and in our uni ministry.

In all this I know Jesus will be with me. He is my Lord and Master, my Saviour and Friend. I know I'll dig deeper into his grace and goodness this year, whatever else happens. And knowing that is - or should be! - enough to calm my fears and fill me with hope for the months ahead. For he is very, very good, and knowing him is enough for me.