Here are some posts that readers have enjoyed, and some of my personal favourites. Happy browsing!

learning to see God's glories in a Melbourne spring
believing the deceiver
of God's gifts and chocolate torte
two love stories - or three
a day of small idols
a better country

that moment when...
the best advice ever
Couch to 5K: reflections
I have a rock where I go
how we're going (and a bit about chronic pain)
rules to live by 
on the path to the cancer ward

the God of the nobody
a son for sacrifice
when the Bible gets too hard
reading Leviticus (why bother?)

spiritual disciplines
thanksgiving: it's not trivial
devoted to ministry and prayer
a smorgasbord of Bible memorization methods
an app to help you pray

discouragement, anxiety and suffering
life in God's waiting room
grace enough just for today
psalm for the discouraged
this weight I'm carrying
what if I'm depressed
a cry of hopelessness
not needing the "why"
trusting God with the life of a child
losing parents: all grown up, but newly alone

growth and godliness
how we change: my story (1) and (2)
ageing beauty
of trees, trains and christian growth
sexual purity
15 things God has taught me about self-control
when enough is enough (some thoughts on tenacity)
growing in patience
the dangers and delights of books about personal change

praying for our school
loving people at our school
gospel speech at our school

big M ministry and little s service
what personality tests can and can't do
women mentoring women: getting practical (1) (2) and (3)
dying, grieving and helping those who grieve
sisters for those with no sisters

loving your husband sexually
submission (1) (2) and (3)

why I read my children stories
the idols of a parent
finding a "quiet time" in a mother's life that's far from quiet
when all your kids go to school
sleep deprived mamma
teaching psalms to our children
how to really hate your child
the day of the apple
talking about predestination with children

Puritanism: a piety of joy