Wednesday, August 5, 2009

yes, grace enough just for today

Three months ago I was staring down the barrel of a busy, busy term. I wrote about anxiety and how God promises to give us grace enough just for today. Today I'm writing to let you know that he is faithful: he did just that.

Yes, it was one of the busiest terms of my life. Against the advice of wise friends (sorry friends!) I added a second seminar to my already heavy load. Looking back, it's clear that I took too much on (note to self: never write a complete set of Sunday School lessons and a seminar - let alone two! - in the same term again). It could have been a recipe for disaster, and really, it's only by God's grace that it wasn't.

But God is faithful.

He answered my prayers. I prayed about my anxieties (Phil 4:5-7) and he lifted the burden of worry from my shoulders so that I felt virtually free of anxiety and despondency the whole term long. This is nothing short of a miracle for a woman who struggles with anxiety as frequently as I do. (It doesn't always work that way. Sometimes feelings of anxiety aren't taken away, and we have to battle them and trust God in the face of them.)

He answered my prayers. I was determined to trust him for "grace enough just for today" - time and energy to do ministry preparation, love my family, lead a Bible study and care for my friends. I'm sure many things slipped through the cracks, but most of the important stuff got done.

He answered my prayers. He gave me the blessing of watching my children excitedly discover great truths about God during Sunday School, the privilege of helping young women grow deeper into the grace of Christ as I led seminars on change and spiritual disciplines, and the joy of catching up with old friends and making a new friend (you know who you are!). Truly God is good.

I'm facing another busy term or two. Nothing like last term, thankfully - but do any of us really face a term that's stress-free and easy? Not this mother! I'd like to say I'm stepping forward in confidence that the God who provided for last term will provide for the next. Truth be told, I'm still battling anxiety and apprehension.

But I know this: however I may feel, whatever I may face, God hasn't changed. When he promises to provide for our needs (Phil 4:19, 2 Pet 1:3) that's a promise that holds true for any and every circumstance. He is trustworthy and true.

Whatever sorrows or joys you and I may face during the coming months, I pray that we will be able to trust him together, in the confidence that our loving heavenly Father will never let us out of his hands.


Meredith said...

Thank you Jean. I so needed to read this today. I am much encouraged by the way God has been at work in your life - because I do admit to being a tad worried about you earlier in the year - and I have been personally encouraged today as God used you to point my troubled and somewhat anxious heart back to Him.

Have a great term!

mattnbec said...

Anxiety hasn't been my problem today. Gastro has just hit our house. Today, I was the one who had it the worst. It has been one of those days where all I wanted was to get through the day. God is faithful! Thanks for the reminder that God does give us grace enough for today.