Friday, September 11, 2009

a gift for father's day

You've got to love it.

Our garden, which, while barely resembling a garden, has never sported those bright little statues people put around their gardens, will soon be home not only to the (mended) gnome Thomas gave me for mother's day this year, but also to a rather large plaster frog.

Here's the gift Thomas carefully and lovingly chose for his dad from the father's day stall last week:

The moral of the story is: never judge a parent's taste by what you see around their house and garden. It was probably given to them by their children. This is especially true of, but not limited to, any mugs, key-rings and frames which proudly proclaim "I Love Mum", "World's Best Dad", or "Key To My Heart". Gifts to a parent instantly become sacred: they're an expression of a child's unique personality, and a lasting symbol of love and affection.

So if you drive down our street, you'll know our house. It's the one with the growing tribe of plaster creatures out the front.


Bek H said...

That's so cute - does Steve feel the same way about his new frog? ;-)

Jean said...

ROFLOL I'll bet he doesn't feel it's sacred!! ;) but he's responsible for Thomas' personality (most of it, anyhow!) so he can't complain!! :D