Friday, November 13, 2009

weapons for the fight

If you were asked to list the "spiritual disciplines" which help you fight for joy, what would be on your list? Stop for a minute and think about it. ...

How does your list compare with Piper's? Here are the "means of grace" he encourages us to use in the fight for joy:

1. the gospel - hearing it preached, preaching it to ourselves
2. the Bible - reading, memorising, musing, sharing it with others
3. prayer - when, how, where, praying the word
4. the world - creation and our bodies ...

Piper's chapters on the "means of grace" are pure gold. They're rooted in the Bible and historical evangelical piety, and they're so practical and helpful that I follow Piper's advice every day. ...

You can read the rest at EQUIP book club - just click here.

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Fiona McLean said...

Dear Jean,
I haven't posted many comments recently, but wanted you to know that I keep reading and meditating on what you've been writing. Many of your ideas are resonating with other things I've been reading (in the Bible and elsewhere) and thinking about. My close friends and my husband could testify that my conversations are peppered with phrases such as "I read in Jean's blog recently ..." or "Oh, yes, I came across a similar idea in Jean's blog" or "I've been challenged recently by what Jean said about ..." So be assured that silence doesn't mean your blog thoughts are not valued!
Love, Fiona

Jean said...

Thanks, Fiona - although I do feel sorry for your husband and close friends!! ;D