Tuesday, July 13, 2010

back from holidays

Hello everyone! We're back from holidays, so things should soon return to normal here on in all honesty (as soon as I muster up the energy to write something, that is).

During the last two weeks, we've been away at Summit, the mid-year conference for our university Christian group, then at Phillip Island for a family holiday.

It was great to have a break, because last term was very, very busy. I always read a lot - as you know! - but I outdid myself by reading, in part or in whole, an enormous pile of 30 books on sex and sexual purity, then wrote 2 seminars for our female university graduates.

This was in the midst of ordinary family life, with its seemingly endless succession of appointments (doctor, dentist, haircuts, checking out high schools for Lizzy ... ) and weeks of boys at home with the flu. No wonder if I felt a little discouraged! I can't wait to get back to regular exercise and normal quiet times (ones not dominated by preparation, that is!) this term.

Steve was also busy writing 4 great talks on the love of God for our mid-year conference (you can download them here). He gave the talks 2 times in 7 days - once for our students, once for our graduates - while I watched the kids running around the campsite, prepared and gave my seminar, and packed and unpacked all our belongings 4 times in 9 days as we moved from home to campsite room to room to holiday house!

By the time we got to Phillip Island, I didn't even have the energy to read, which is pretty unusual for me! Instead, I set a personal record by doing 4 1000 piece jigsaws in 4 days, and went for long walks and watched the birds - pelicans, cormorants, Pacific gulls, oyster catchers, skuas - going about their beachy business.

The kids had fun too: they got all goose-pimply paddling in the waves and building sandcastles and elaborate driftwood sculptures, watched fairy penguins scurrying up the beach, went on a glorious walk to the Nobbies blowhole and didn't see the seals, caught and ate rainbow trout (worms on hooks - ugh!), and even visited a slightly bizarre but enjoyable chocolate factory!

God knew what we needed. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to face another term. I've been praying for all the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal 5:22-23) - and I know I'll need every one, as I seek to glorify God during the coming days.


Amy said...

Thanks so much for all the time and energy you put into preparing the seminars Jean. I really enjoyed and appreciated them both! Good to hear you got a relaxing holiday, hope this term isn't quite as busy for you!

Gordon Cheng said...

Just wonderful to hear of your 're-Creation work' down there. Sorry I didn't get to chat to Steve while he was here. With prayers from the Chengs.

Jean said...

Thank you, kind friends!

Meredith said...

Welcome back! Thirty books is very impressive. No wonder you were feeling tired!! Four jigsaws and playing on the beach all sounds very restorative. God bless you and keep you this next term - and always.

Jean said...

I must admit that I feel like I never want to read another theological book ever again! No doubt a feeling that will soon pass!! But I've definitely had enough of reading about sex for a while! :)