Friday, May 27, 2011

deja vu

Echoes of last week's conversation...

Thomas: I love going to church! It's good to go to Sunday School and learn about Jesus, isn't it, Mummy?

Andy: I hate going to church!

Mum: I thought you liked going to Sunday School, Andy.

Andy: Well, yes, I do like Sunday School (implying that it's all the rest - whatever that may be - that he hates...)

Thomas: When I go to church, I like learning about Jesus, and eating, and wrestling!

The earnest and eager-to-please meets the honest and outspoken? Who knows - only time will tell. Cute, all the same (at least to mums and grandmas) - although it does make you wonder what's to come! Ah, the manifold joys of parenting.

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