Tuesday, June 28, 2011

household management (2c) keeping track of time

Here's a comment from Valori that I found helpful. Like her, I prefer flexible routines to meticulous schedules, and tend to underestimate how long tasks will take. Here's her solution.

Apart from lists, I have a broad overview "schedule" -- what are my "routines" for the week? I am not very good at meticulously keeping a schedule (i.e. at exactly 8:30, I will sweep the floor!), but knowing about how much time I need for my normal weekly responsibilities and leaving room for those items really serves me. For example, I know it normally takes about 1 1/2 hours total for dinner prep, about 30 minutes a day to keep up on laundry, about an hour for lunch prep and clean up, about 4 hours a week do run errands, 1-2 hours for exercise, depending on whether or not I do something at home or go to the gym, 40 minutes to shower and dress (I used to think 30, but then I'm always late, so it's better to be realistic!) etc. etc. When I put all these things together (kind of like doing a puzzle), I realise that it's no wonder I don't get any "special projects" done! And I haven't even added in devotions, home-schooling, family time, eating, and (very important) sleeping.
You can follow this series here.

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