Thursday, September 22, 2011

household management - a helpful reminder

As we think about all those handy household tips, here's a helpful hint from Deb about how not to get overwhelmed by them all.

I think the biggest help to me has been building routines. Slowly. When I've attempted to become wonderful at housekeeping overnight, I've fallen in a heap because I can't mantain the level of energy all the time. But adding one extra thing in at a time over a long period of time has been good. I now always put on a load of washing every morning while the kids are doing the last minute scramble to get out the door to school. Done and waiting for me to hang out mid-morning. I now always wipe down the stove top after I wash the dishes. I used to leave it until it really needed doing (and long after sometimes!). Now I do it without thinking and it's not a chore because I'm used to it. I think good home managers have probably learnt to build certain tasks into habits so that it no longer feels so burdensome - it's just what they do. I have a lot more routines I need to get going though!
image is by Aunty Cookie from flickr

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Anonymous said...

My most helpful thought lately- entropy must be allowed for. There is no perfect system. When things go wrong, it is not a reflection of your skill or effort. Things just fly apart, just wind down. You always need to put things back in order and you always need to allow time to do that.