Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Going grey and that's okay - A fantastic article about beauty, aging, death, and true hope.

The assumption we cannot afford - "I’ve been in church for years, but no one has taught me to study my Bible until now."

Top 10 causes of depression in pastors and how we can help.

6 ways to help a family with a child with autism or other special needs.

You won't waste your life - Could you give your life to making Jesus known in an obscure, rural area?

Love and loss on mothers' day

for parents:
I miss the absurdity - A beautiful post about kids growing older.

10 money lessons to teach your kids

The danger of over-parenting teens - "The truth is that painful lessons in the school of hard knocks are long remembered, but only if the pain is allowed to do its work."

for pastors, service leaders and Christian writers:
Dear well-meaning-Anglo-Saxon-Australian Christians - An important post for pastors and service leaders.

Words to use instead of "points" or "things"
Every single time you sit down to make something, even if you’ve done this for years and know the routine, it feels like you’re starting from scratch. It feels like you have absolutely nothing to offer, nothing new to say, and whatever you’ve managed to get right in the past was just a fluke ... So are we starting from scratch? Yes. And no. Every line in your notebook, every strum of your guitar is an act of faith. But you’ve been here before. Don’t be afraid. Andrew Peterson

Maybe it’s time to start thinking of paper and screens another way: not as an old technology and its inevitable replacement, but as different and complementary interfaces, each stimulating particular modes of thinking. Maybe paper is a technology uniquely suited for imbibing novels and essays and complex narratives, just as screens are for browsing and scanning. Brandon Keim

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