Tuesday, March 31, 2015

online meanderings

I will write something soon - in fact, I already have, just waiting for it to appear on other blogs. In the meantime, I'm catching up on months of reading, and finding some gems.

You are dust, not divine - A helpful article about bearing burdens and the Burden Bearer.

When you don't have time to pray - I enjoyed this.

Common grace and common griefs - Helpful for those moments you feel like complaining about the hard stuff of daily life.

My baby's heart stopped beating - A beautiful and thoughtful post.

A letter to young writers/bloggers/speakers - Take time in your twenties and thirties to deeply study God's word. Great advice.

Did Tolkien waste his life? - This is good reading.
When valuable things are taken away from you, you run to what no one or nothing can take away. - Paul David Tripp

I can still believe that a day comes for all of us, however far off it may be, when we shall understand; when these tragedies, that now blacken and darken the very air of heaven for us, will sink into their places in a scheme so august, so magnificent, so joyful, that we shall laugh for wonder and delight. — Arthur Christopher Bacon
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