Thursday, November 5, 2015

Women of the Word: a book for both men and women

We can be a bit lazy when we read the Bible. We open it to random passages. We stick to our favourite books. We stop reading once we’ve found our take-home point for the day. It’s pretty appalling when you stop to think about it: we have God’s very words, yet we sometimes treat them like a collection of inspirational thoughts or a Magic 8 Ball. ...

The other day I sat in a plane and pulled Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word: How to study the Bible with both our hearts and our minds out of my bag. It looked like a short and easy read, and sure enough I’d read the first half by the end of my Melbourne to Sydney flight. I finished the rest the next day, and realized I was holding a gem, and not just for women: this is a brilliant book to help men explore and understand God’s Word too. I highly recommend it, both for personal encouragement and ministry training. ...

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rosie said...

hi Jean,
Love reading book reviews, do you have any lists of Australian authors on Christian matters? Although I do enjoy reading the international writers, I connect so much more with Australians (for obvious reasons).

Jean said...

Hi Rosie,

What topics did you have in mind?

David Helm has a good one on Bible reading - "One to one". Matthias Media books are generally good. Good Book Co is UK, but also often accessible to Australian readers.

Anyhow let me know about topics you're interested in and I will see what comes to mind ...

There aren't nearly enough by Aussie women now I think about it. Except Kirsten Birkett and Claire Smith, and they are wonderful but not on Christian living, more on theology.

Love Jean.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so late in getting back to you on this.
Thanks for the suggestions, I hadn't heard of these two at all.
It is quite sad that so many of our worthy sayings are from the Bible and the people are not aware of this.