Tuesday, November 30, 2010

woman to woman (6b) getting practical: everday ideas for women encouraging women

Here are some more suggestions for women encouraging women, this time for those of you who have an official (or unofficial) role in your church facilitating relationships between older and younger women.

2. As the facilitator

  • Speak respectfully about older women in your church. Model this respect to others.
  • Build bridges between younger women and older women in your church. Organize mixed gatherings. Prompt older women to contact younger women. Include women of different ages in prayer partnerships and Bible study groups.
  • Organize seminars for women with speakers you can trust. Run a book club for women. If you run a Bible study, occasionally run topical studies on areas of interest to women.
  • Remember how isolated many single and childless women feel. Run women's events and Bible studies at times that suit working women. Organize get-togethers for women without obvious friendship groups.
  • Train women in Titus 2 ministry and mentoring. If you don't have the skills to train them, find someone who does and ask them to lead a training day at your church.
  • Mentor a younger woman and encourage her to mentor someone else.

Any other ideas?

With thanks to my friend Jenny, who came up with the idea for this post.

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believer333 said...

Hello.... :)

Great idea!!

° spend quality time with younger women in casual settings. Make them a lunch (one on one) with your best tea china and talk about the Bible

° encourage younger women to speak up in Bible studies and share their testimonies, their ideas about Scripture, their insights and their questions

° first learn yourself how to properly study Scripture and then teach younger women how to study Scripture using grammar, history , cultural norms at the time, and context, context, context. It's important that they learn how to read without verses since the Bible was not written in 'verses'.

° be willing to take time with younger women to pray for and with them, as well to ask them for their prayers.

believer333 said...

Another thought.....

The Scripture in question speaks specifically of older women teaching younger women. Let's not forget that.

However, the suggestions for what to teach are not exhausted. IOW those are not the only things that older women should teach younger women.

And then there is the question of whether or not these older women are the older women enrolled in the churches ministries. It is possible that they are teaching elder women and part of the churches ministries.