Thursday, January 31, 2008

the God of small things (2)

Each week during the year, Lizzy (9) and Ben (7) put 10% of their pocket money into a "poor pig".

In October I add my own money, and we pack a couple of shoeboxes full of goodies, to send to "poor children" during Operation Christmas Child.

We just received a newsletter from Samaritan's Purse about last Christmas' shoe box deliveries. Here's the story of a girl, not far from my kids' age, in Tavua, Fiji:

The team met one 8-year-old girl who had not missed school for two years... she just loves learning so much. But her solo father is very poor and struggles to provide her with pens, pencils and paper to maintain her passion for drawing and writing.

When she opened her box, she shouted "Look!" and held up several packs of pencils, pens and other stationary. Her teachers were almost in tears, as they were so grateful that she received that particular box!
No-one else knew this girl's particular needs and the contents of this particular box, but God knew.

And Christian workers in Tavua have found that the shoeboxes have softened the hearts of many who were resistant to the gospel.

The God of small things indeed. A God who, through the loving gifts of his people, opens the way into hearts for the far greater gift of his Son.

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