Monday, May 12, 2008

a cure for self-absorption

How wonderful to go to Equip on Saturday, look around and see over 3,000 women, and be reminded that yes, I am a tiddler in a vast ocean after all!

Blogging feeds self-absorption. I often agonise over my posts (what will people think of me? what if they disagree?), worry about the number of comments or readers (is anyone interested? were people affected by what I wrote?), and try to live up to expectations (am I posting often enough? am I posting too often?).

Nicole was having similar thoughts last week (nice to know I'm not alone): her quote from G.K. Chesterton is a refreshing reminder of the reassuring reality of our smallness.

How gracious of God to use you and me to touch the lives of the eternal creatures who surround us every day.


Sharon said...

I read your blog. Just putting my hand up (metaphorically speaking) so you'll know one person appreciates you.
~ Sharon from Perth, WA

Jean said...

Thanks, Sharon, but it's just a regular attack of blogger's paranoia! I need to learn, like all of us, to put my hope in God.

And it's always nice to hear from Perth, too, my good friend Heather having come from there