Friday, May 30, 2008

Equip book club

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, the Equip book club is here!!! (I would have told you a couple of weeks back, but I've been a little distracted recently.)

The Equip book club is planned and run by my bloggy friend Nicole, who I met a couple of weeks ago at Equip. What a privilege, to meet my bloggy friend in the flesh!

Like me, you probably struggle to find time to read Christian books. Being part of a book club can encourage you to stay on course with your reading.

The Equip book club has chosen 11 books (one for each month until Equip 2008) which they think Christian women will enjoy reading, thinking, and chatting about. Each month someone writes about a book, and you're invited to respond with comments.

The book for June is Bryson Smith's Faith: A Matter of Trust, so you might want to get reading!

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute. In November I'll be writing about John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, the story of Christian's journey to the Celestial City.

Just to whet your appetite, I'm thinking of writing about the Christian life in terms of "journey," "geography," "battle" (thank to Jenny for these ideas) and the final hurdle, the "river" of death. I'd also love to write about Puritanism and John Bunyan, and review some editions of Pilgrim's Progress for children, but we'll see.

So join us for the ride: a book a month, lots of great posts, a chance to make your own comments, and encouragement from your sisters in Christ to read good books which feed your faith and encourage your joy.

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Kilmeny said...

I can't wait for November when we read The Pilgrim's Progress!

As a child, I grew up in a family where every night we would gather together for 'Bible time'. My mom (who incidenty has a PhD in English Lit) would always keep a great variety going, from Bible stories, to stories of missionaries like Hudson Taylor, and ordinary Christian people, like William Wilberforce, who made extraordinary changes in the world.

However, one of my absolute favourites was a children's version of The Pilgrim's Progress. Almost every year, this battered book was re-read during 'Bible time' due to popular demand from my brothers and I!

As I have never read the 'full' version, I'm excited to have some incentive to do so. I look forward to your comments on Puritanism and John Bunyan and hope that you do review some of the children's editions!