Thursday, May 7, 2009

eating for my brother

We're having salmon patties for dinner.

Thomas (5), even though he usually enjoys this meal, feels it's necessary to register his protest: "I don't like salmon patties, Mum! How many do I have to eat?" I tell him, "Start with one, darling, and we'll see."

Thomas eats his first patty.

Across the table, Andrew (2) regards his salmon patties with deep suspicion.

Thomas eats a second patty. "Look, Mummy, I'm showing Andrew how to eat!"

Andrew ignores all threats, encouragements and offers of tomato sauce for his patties.

Thomas eats a third patty. "Look, Mummy, I'm distwacting Andrew!"

Andrew brings his mouth to the fork, but can't bring himself to take a mouthful.

Thomas eats a fourth patty. "Look, Mummy, I'm setting a good example for Andrew!"

Andrew finally dares to take a bite, and gobbles down four patties in quick succession.

Thomas and Andrew both leave the table, replete, and Thomas never has to admit that he actually likes salmon patties.

After all, he was eating them for his brother. Wasn't he?

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David McKay said...

Love this story, Jean.