Tuesday, January 26, 2010

aaargh! I haven't finished my school holiday tasks!

Hi everyone! It's been a busy, bustling school holidays (isn't it always?!) and we've got one week to go here in Victoria. I almost feel ready to start blogging again!

I've got lots to tell you about - plenty of reflections on life, what I've been feeling, and what I've been thinking about - but my thoughts haven't quite come together yet. So you'll have to be a little patient.

If you're nearing the end of school holidays, I guess you're feeling like me. You're probably refreshed by all those weeks with no school, but at the same time exhausted by having kids at home all day! Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the tasks you want to finish before the school year begins: the menu planners, the chores charts, the haircuts, the pencil labelling.

My friend shared something wonderful the other day: it doesn't matter if all these tasks aren't done by the start of term. Once term time comes, the house will be a lot emptier and there will be time to write budgets and menu planners. Who says they have to be done by the first day of school? Not God! So I guess I can give myself a little breathing space.

My sister-in-law also said something helpful: a mother's holidays start the day the kids go back to school. I usually expect to feel rested by the end of school hols, but I'm realising that's probably unrealistic. So I haven't scheduled any extras during first term. I plan to use that time (God willing!) to rest, reflect, get the year running smoothly - and enjoy having 3 year old Andy all to myself! I'll also read a Christian book just for me, to help me grow. (It's Paul Tripp's Lost in the Middle: Midlife and the Grace of God, which is a little embarrassing!!)

I'd better go now. I've got 4 children to look after and a very messy school holiday house to tidy. I'll post a couple of fun things this week. Maybe by next week I'll feel ready to write something more serious - you never know! In the meantime, if you're on school holidays too, don't worry if you haven't got everything done by the start of term, and take some time to enjoy your kids. :)


Katrina said...

Hi Jean!

I'm in the United States, so I'm intrigued by your school schedule. It seems very different from the States. I realize you're in the summer season right now (it's winter here and very snowy--Minnesota). How does the school year calendar work in Australia?

Jean said...

Hi Katrina! We have 6 weeks school holidays during Christmas and our Summer (your Winter), and 2 weeks three times a year (Spring, Winter, Autumn). That makes 4 school terms with 1 long holiday over summer and 3 shorter holidays between the other terms. I think you have your long school holiday during our Winter - your Summer.

Meredith said...

Sounds like you have had a great summer holiday. Like you, we have one more week to go here on the other side of the country. Enjoy your last week.

Maybe just get the pencils labelled. :-) Speaking of which, maybe I should attend to some pencil labelling as well!

Jean said...

Yes, definitely the pencil labelling needs to happen!! :D As you say, the rest can wait.