Friday, January 29, 2010

school holidays

This was written on a melancholy morning a week ago, but it felt more suitable for a few days before school starts - so I kept it for today.

The school holidays are running past too fast, like cotton from a quickly spinning reel.

I scramble to get last minute jobs done. I write chores charts and budgets; organise late play-dates; finish holiday tasks (I planned to declutter the house, and I'm about half done); buy school shoes; take kids to appointments with the dentist, doctor and hairdresser; label books, pencils and school clothes.

I'm sunk deep in the vagueness of holidays, befuddled by weeks of Christmas and beachside vacation and near-constant outings. The imminent responsibilities of the year creep across my thoughts like the dark moon of an eclipse.

Term time threatens the loss of my children's company, but it also beckons with the promise of some kind of restored routine, quietness, and neatness that doesn't disappear in the blink of an eye under the towering piles of mess created by 4 busily playing children.

The first day of school looms like a little bereavement, a small farewell, a practice for bigger goodbyes. I'll kiss my children and watch them walk through the gates. I'll return to our neat and empty home, where my 3 year old son and I will rattle around like 2 small peas in an overlarge pod, until we grow used to the silence.

Until the next school holidays.

image is from ohdearbarb at flickr


Meredith said...

I stand in awe of you Jean!! Maybe it has something to do with the age and stage of your kids compared with mine but I couldn't imagine planning budgets and chore charts or (and this is the big one) decluttering the house during the holidays. I feel like I am doing well when I keep up with the food and the washing during the hols. You are truly amazing even to think of it!!

Jean said...

Oops! That post was poorly worded! What I meant to say (hence last Monday's post) is that I planned to write chores charts and budgets - I didn't! And there's much decluttering still to be done - I just scratched the surface. Like you, I struggle to find time for anything outside life and children during school hols! Last year I tried to sort my photos and they're still waiting ... :)