Tuesday, February 9, 2010

organising your child's day

A number of years ago I received a great little guide to a child's day in a Carnival Club handout called "Does your child get their daily dose?".

I cut it out, pinned it to my noticeboard, and every now and again I read it and do a mental check of our children's days. It's particularly useful for kids who are still at home all day, like my Andy, and for older kids during school holidays.

Here's the 5 different kinds of activities they say every child should be doing every day. (It's interesting to see that prayer - and meditating! - are filed under "Chill Out"; and good to see that children are encouraged to serve others.)

Our juggler outlines a child's ideal day at work, rest and play ...

Read for fun
Developing an enjoyment of books and being read to is vital for language development. Reading for fun encompasses reading books, jokes, poems, rhymes, letters, newspapers, comics, magazines etc. Recommended 30 mins a day.

Huff 'n' Puff
Physical activity is vital to keep the body and thus the mind in top shape. Huff 'n' Puff means running, jumping, playing games, skipping, playing with balls, climbing, and walking. Doing anything that gets the heart rate up. Recommended 60 mins a day.

Create 'n' Think
Creative and thought-provoking activity helps to build and grow the mind. Create 'n' Think activities are doing art, craft, drawing, painting, singing, cooking, exploring, discovering, building and experimenting. Recommended 30 mins a day.

Help 'n' Care
Helping and caring for others encourages children to become socially responsible. Help 'n' Care covers activities like volunteering, charity work, simple chores, being environmentally aware or looking after something. Recommended 30 mins a day.

Chill Out!
Time to relax is so important in assisting children to handle stress, sleep better and perform better at daily tasks. Chill Out activities include doodling, praying, meditating, listening to music or just watching the clouds. Recommended as much as possible.


Meredith said...

I love this. I'm printing it out for my fridge right now!!

Jean said...

Glad you found it helpful Meredith!