Friday, February 5, 2010

overheard conversation

Tommy (6) - Andy, do you want to go to heaven?

Andy (3) - Yeah.

Tommy - Then you have to do two things. You have to believe in Jesus, and you have to die. Do you believe in Jesus?

Andy - Yeah!

Tommy - Then you have to die. You die by keeping on bashing into things and crashing into stuff and falling from a long way and stuff like that.

Andy - I don't die yet!

Tommy - And if you don't believe in Jesus you go to hell and you have the baddest day ever.

Ben (9, giving the correct theological explanation) - It's not really a day, Tommy. It's the second death. First you die, and then you die again. It's eternity, not a day.

Andy - I do die. Everybody dies.

Tommy - Heaven is the funnest place ever.

Andy - Yeah.


Gordon Cheng said...

Great stuff Jean! Your boys can come and teach my daughters—who will have plenty of questions to keep the conversation rolling along.

Rachach said...

That's so funny Jean!