Friday, October 22, 2010

Lizzy's 12th birthday

I spent the night before Lizzy's 12th birthday party praying it wouldn't rain. Every morning for a week Lizzy had checked the forecast: cold and wet. On the day of the party I woke to the sound of rain, and we watched the clouds come and go all morning.

We were going rock-climbing! Well, we were if it didn't rain. We arrived at the Latrobe University Sports Centre under cloudy skies - tightened the complicated straps on our rock-climbing harnesses - looked out the glass doors - and, with perfect timing, the rain began.

We started to remove our harnesses, then took a vote and decided to wait 5 minutes to see if the rain would stop. It did. We got in half-an-hour's glorious rock climbing and then, sure enough, the heavens opened. No matter! Cake time; pool time; and 10 tired children made their way home, one to open presents and the rest to suck lollipops.

Here are some photos. (The cake, by the way, was very easy to make: a cardboard tube pushed into the middle of a high round cake; some icing, lollies and long-stemmed lollipops; and there you go!)

Happy 12th birthday Lizzy!


Deb L said...

Jean, that cake is drop dead gorgeous!!!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Happy Birthday to Lizzy :)

Jean you know I'm inspired and encouraged every time I visit you here. I'm not sure if you accept blog awards but I have one for you over at my blog. Thanks for blogging and enjoy!