Friday, November 26, 2010

the importance of shoelaces

Thomas has 3 dreams for when he grows up. He tells me,

"I want to be:

  • a digger (he and his school friends were happily digging a hole in the ground at playtime until this wonderful game was forbidden)
  • a band-player (Thomas' most treasured ambition is still to play the drums)
  • a sports teacher (sport being his favourite class at school)."

There's a problem with the last one, though. The other day he said, in heart-wrenching tones, "Mummy, I don't think I can be a sports teacher because I don't have shoelaces!"

Oh, dear! I never realised I was defeating Thomas' ambitions by insisting he has Velcro on his runners for ease of doing-up.

Once Thomas gets shoelaces, all his dreams will come true. On that day, he tells me, he will be good at sport and fast at running.

It makes you wonder what other problems could be solved through the simple application of a pair of shoelaces.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

my Thomas (he's 18 now) also loved to dig when he was younger - we have had some magnificient holes dug in the back yard (usually in an inconspicuous corner up the back). Certainly large enough for the younger ones to get right in to. What my sons (all four of them) really wanted was a tunnel, but obviously we had to discourage it - well ban it really - on safety grounds.

Though I did find out more recently that at a previous home (from 3-5 years ago) they did get a short length of tunnel going behind the cubby, with corregated iron as a roof! So I wasn't as vigilant as perhaps I should have been - but they were older by then and we'd had quite a few discussions about hole/tunnel safety, so I didn't pay much attention to the digging.