Thursday, November 3, 2011

what's happening with me

Hi, everyone! I thought it was time I dropped in and let you know how I am.

A week ago, I handed in that big editing job I've been working on for much of this year (it's a training manual for MTS, for those of you who are interested). After months of trying to juggle long working hours with raising 4 children and managing a home (poorly), you can imagine what a relief it is to be able to focus on my real job again!

Why did I do it? To save up for our seven week driving trip to Cairns, which, as you know, we did during Steve's long service leave. It was worth it: we came back refreshed, and with family bonds strengthened, in that vital time when your children are on the edge of becoming teenagers.

Since then, I've run a birthday sleepover for a thirteen-year-old and eight of her friends, dealt with one major health scare (thankfully, it looks like being nothing), and we've all gotten sick. Hmmm. I'm writing this with a sore throat, aching muscles and grainy eyes.

Writing for The Briefing - the only kind of writing I've been doing recently, as no doubt you've noticed! - has been fun but a little demanding, which is one of the reasons I haven't been writing much else. I'd like to get back to those rambly posts about books and our family now that my job has finished, so we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, I'm playing lots of games of Carcassone with my sick boys, trying to wheedle my newly-teen daughter out of her room so we can spend some time together, and hosting lots of meetings at our house (if 'hosting' isn't too fancy a word for providing some chairs and Tim Tams).

We're having take-away chicken tonight, the gluten-free kind! A satisfying conclusion to a very lazy day.


Amanda said...

Glad you are refreshed after driving to Cairns. My whole family lives there and I love to visit.

Jean said...

We loved Cairns - really loved it!

Deb L said...

What a lot of good, good things you've been busy with! Hope you are well again soon.

Meredith said...

Great to hear your news. And hooray for you for finishing the editing job. Hope you are able to enjoy some wandering along sorts of times for a while.

Jean said...

Thanks, friends!

Funny you think I've been busy with 'good' things when I just feel busy, Deb! A good reminder that these things are worthwhile.

Thanks, Meredith. I'll feel better about wandering along once I feel a little less, to be honest, I am starting to feel better. But I'm a bit sick of lying around. Enforced idleness? Maybe not such a bad thing! :)