Friday, November 11, 2011

shown up again!

On the rare occasions he steps in to teach Sunday School for me, my husband always shows me up.

After a Sunday School class in which, with little-to-no preparation, Steve managed to incorporate a simple biblical theology ("Jesus is better than Moses") into the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, and entertained the kids with riotous games which they clearly preferred to my quiet crafts, eight-year-old Thomas bounced in the door and declared, "That was the best Sunday School class ever!"

Then, sensitive to my feelings as always, he stopped and added, "Daddy is the best in Sunday School, but you are the best in love, Mummy."

And then, in case I needed a little extra reassurance, "I love you and blankie best! I do, Mummy, I do!"

Well, that's a relief.


Anonymous said...

oh, exactly the same happens to me too!!! I always love reading your blog Jean but I especially love it when it resonates like that.

Are blokes generally better at having fun with kids and caring less about the texta on clothes/scissors in eyes; i.e. keeping the main thing the main thing? Or maybe it's excellent, natural headship? I just keep praying every week to love all the church kids, to lighten up and that the Lord will teach them his ways in spite of how un-fun my ways may appear to be.

How excellent that fun-ness isn't a prerequisite to the kingdom. And that we'll all be having maximal fun in eternity.

with thanks for your ministry,
Sally in Perth

Jean said...

Or maybe the blokes are just bone lazy...;) Crafts take a lot of work to prepare (my husband labels anything he doesn't want to do 'craft' :D) and running around the room clambering under tables and throwing balls doesn't. But it's a lot of fun! :D

Rachach said...

Awww Jean I feel for you! But how sweet is Thomas?!
What an encouraging comment Sally!
Keep it up Jean, you do a great job of teaching the kids.
Love Rach
PS Happy Birthday!

Jean said...

Don't worry, Rach, I was amused not offended! It always makes me giggle when this happens. Hard to get the exact tone across in a blog post...:)

And yes, he is very sweet, as always...okay, well maybe not always...but he is very sweet. :)