Thursday, March 7, 2013

online meanderings

God's promise for the disappointed - When you're feeling disappointed with God.

6 types of selfishness that Jesus came to kill - A helpful, thought-provoking list.

How to be mentored without a mentor - and how to mentor younger women when you don't have much time.

10 top books on death and grieving - A useful resource.

A helper not a hand-brake - Ignore the spelling ("brake" not "break") and enjoy this article about being a helper in marriage.

Porn: the battle women face and Shame on top of shame - Women struggle with porn and masturbation too.
Just think about that word “afterlife.” It assumes eternity is an endless postlude to where the action really happens. It’s “after.”...Instead let’s start thinking of this little puff of time, the next eighty or so years, as what it is: the pre-life. Russell Moore

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BG said...

Hi Jean, I corrected my spelling on the article and now the links all don't work because the titles changed. I just can't win!

Jean said...

Sorry to create problems for you, Belinda! As long as you don't change the spelling in the web address, the link should work fine.

Jean said...

Or just leave it in the title??