Monday, March 11, 2013

online meanderings

That moment when... - "Would she stay or would she go?" Beautiful.

What is God's will for my life? - "God's will is not intended to be found; it is intended to be followed." Amen.

Bono interveiw: grace over karma - Amazing.

Can you preach expositional sermons in poor, uneducated areas of the world? - From a housing estates ministry. I found this fascinating.

The beauty and usefulness of the elderly Christian - "You still have work to do for Him. Your witness is not over yet..." So encouraging.

Family times with God - Good suggestions from the ever-helpful Christine Jensen.

If when you become a Christian you write a big red “LOSS” across all the things in the world except Christ, then when Christ calls you to forfeit some of those things, it is not strange or unexpected. The pain and the sorrow may be great. The tears may be many, as they were for Jesus in Gethsemane. But we will be prepared. We will know that the value of Christ surpasses all the things the world can offer and that in losing them we gain more of Christ. John Piper

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