Tuesday, July 23, 2013

online meanderings

Lay aside the weight of "not feeling like it" - Part of a great series by Jon Bloom.

Why I love psalm 137 - Putting our hope in the unseen.

Where was God when I suffered? - Helpful answers to a hard question.

What makes a church beautiful? - I always enjoy what Elisha Galotti writes.

The passive-aggressive pride of self-pity - I found this challenging.

Embracing sufferers for the things they offer you - Profound and helpful.

When past sin blindsides you - Some reflections on regret and guilt.

Teaching the Bible to kids - How not to turn it into a moral story.
It is a sorry friend who tries to talk someone out of conviction for their sins. Wendy Alsup

Remember this, all the sighing, mourning, sobbing, and complaining in the world, doth not so undeniably evidence a man to be humble, as his overlooking his own righteousness, and living really and purely upon the righteousness of Christ. This is the greatest demonstration of humility. Thomas Brooks

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