Tuesday, July 30, 2013

online meanderings

What faith is - Faith is not a leap in the dark. It is seeing, yet living with our eyes closed.

My favourite Russell - A story that gives hope when people don't respond to the gospel.

The "good" of suffering and How trauma can lead to growth - There's some profound wisdom here.

7 ways to stop gossip - 'Nuff said.

"Whatever it takes..." - Seven good-and-scary ways to pray for your heart.

The best ministry comes through presence - "Some of the pastor's most precious moments are the ones when you are there."

Mothering through depression and chronic illness - Honest and heart-felt, with some helpful advice.

She strengthens me - A husband writes about his wife, and what it means to be a "helper".

All the known audio of CS Lewis speaking and Tolkien on video and in his own voice - Another great Justin Taylor resource.
How might our neighbors' attitudes change if we told stories of marriage in its gritty beauty, such as the relationship between Eric and Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights? Collin Hansen

You are tired and weary and you feel at times it is too much for you? Go back and look at your life and put it into the context of eternity. Stop and ask yourself what it all means. It is nothing but a preparatory school. This life is but the ante-chamber of eternity and all we do in this world is but anticipatory of that. Our greatest joys are but the first fruits and the foretaste of the eternal joy that is coming. How important it is to remind ourselves of that. It is the sheer grind of daily life that gets us down. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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