Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Briefing gets cheeky

I want to draw your attention to a wonderful article in this month's issue of The Briefing. It's Katie Stringer's "Wives and lovers", one of those short "Couldn't help noticing" articles at the front of the magazine.

I love The Briefing, I read it every month with anticipation and pleasure, but I must admit it sometimes feels a bit "boy's clubbish" to me (am I the only one?) - you know, serious, masculine, and a bit self-conscious. So it was refreshing to read this article, which burst like a firework into the sometimes sober world of The Briefing.

Smart, sassy, femimine, fun, witty, light-hearted, but also thoughtful, challenging, thought-provoking, and thoroughly Biblical, this article made me think, repent and giggle, all at once!

Should be read by every married woman who sometimes struggles to meet (or to want to meet) her husband's physical needs. Also by anyone else whose curiousity was piqued by the last sentence. That's you, right?

Well done, Katie, keep up the good work!


Jess Green said...

I agree whole-heartedly! I enjoyed the article and enjoyed the challenge it presented too.

Katie Stringer said...

Thank you for the encouragement!