Sunday, November 11, 2007

a poem

Something short and sweet today, a poem I wrote 11 years ago, at a time when I felt uncertain and scared about what my life would be like. Today it struck me how faithful God has been to me during my life so far, through all the times of pain and happiness, as I know he will be to the end. One day I may take this "pom" and put it in iambic pentameter (if I ever find out what that is) but here it is for now, in all its unadorned amateurishness.

The future

The future:
a road of shadows,
sudden beams
of light break through.

Joy, suffering, no guarantees -
save that Your company
the journey long
beside will be.

Your love, sweet draughts,
life-giving drink;
Your words to hear,
Your work to do.

The joy of Your dear countenance.

At journey's end,
an open door,
a sudden light,
home -

and You.

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