Monday, February 18, 2008

3 words

Andrew (20 months) said his first 3-word sentence a couple of days ago:
"Give me some."

He is also an expert at:
"Mine" and
"Me" or rather "Me me me."

A wonderful illustration of the natural self-centredness of little people. And big ones too.


Rachach said...

Poppy's first 3 word sentence was also an illustration of self-centredness(said a month ago):
"I want that"


Ruth McIntosh said...

That's a beautiful photo! What a poppet. Ruth

Jess Green said...

Noah just cracked his first 4-word sentence yesterday..."I don't want it" !!

mattnbec said...

The old classic, 'NO!', is the favourite word of the 18 months old in our house. Definitely reveals the same attitude.