Friday, February 15, 2008

boys and girls

Mummy (39) - "What are you doing?"
Lizzy (9) and her good friend Emma - "We're making a castle for a fairy princess."

Mummy (39) - "What are you doing?"
Thomas (4) and his good friend Jack - "We're making weapons and scary monsters so we can kill Andrew and go to the next level."

And they say there's no difference between boys and girls.


Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

My little boy's favourite toy at the moment is his sisters' fairy princess wand. He uses it to bat a ball around the house. And he's not even one yet... and never seen a real bat. How did he learn that?

Jean said...

Which makes him a boy playing with girl's toys in a boy's way?! I must say we've seen our own sons occasionally strutting around in dresses and fairy wings from the dress-up box. But they are still so different, aren't they? - in our house, anyway, especially in the way they respond to stress. Whining and crying vs. hitting and screaming - that seems to be the rule around here.

Anonymous said...

And not only in the ways they play. Our daughter's first sounds were cute, well, girly sort of 'ahh' sounds. Our son's first sounds were more blokey, grunting, louder sounds! And as a 10 month old, when they both want the same toy, he can hold on just as tight as his 3 year-old sister.

Igroki said...

Only fools maintain there is no difference between boys & girls. Unfortunately, the number of believers is huge.