Sunday, June 22, 2008

a 4-year-old reflects on God's omnipresence

I still remember how amazed I was as a child by the idea of God's omnipresence. I used to look around the room and imagine how God was in every part of it. Thomas clearly takes after his mother in this regard!

He is doing his best to teach his younger brother that God is everywhere:

Thomas (4) to Andrew(1) - God is on your head. God is on my head. God is over there.

And trying hard to understand it himself:

Thomas - (overheard while in the toilet) Oh, I keep bumping into God. Oh, God's over there. Oh, God's on my head. Oh, God's inside. Oh, God's here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

And asking his parents impossible questions about it:

Thomas - Everything and everyone is feeling God, aren't they?
Daddy - Well, yes, but they might not know they are.
Thomas - Everything and everyone is touching God, aren't they?

God's omnipresence is a wondrous and confusing concept for a 4-year-old. And for an adult too, now I stop to think about it.


Gordon Cheng said...

Don't stop! Don't think! Just enjoy.

Jean said...

Brilliant idea.