Sunday, June 29, 2008

a 4-year-old talks about death, heaven and some very big numbers

Thomas (4), as you know, is fascinated by heaven, eternity, and big numbers. Here's some questions he's had for me this year:

about the end of the world and multi-coloured sprinkles:

Thomas - Will the world finish in 100s and 1000s of years or so?

about the seasons and eternity:

Thomas - What comes after summer? ... after autumn? ... after winter? ... after spring?
Jean - They go on and on until the end of the world then they stop.
Thomas - But forever never stops, Mummy!

about a seedy, run-down dive of a place lit with anti-drug flourescent lighting:

Thomas - Is that the heaven-home?

about tidying up:

Jean - Thomas, put away your blankie.
Thomas - (contrarily) No, I love my blankie. I'm only going to put it away when I go to heaven.

about a piece of artwork he wanted to throw out and I wanted to keep:

Thomas - (pleadingly) Do I have to keep it until I go to heaven? Do I have to keep it forever?

about death and eternity:

Thomas - When I got too old, I be in heaven and I be there forever. When I die, forever starts.

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