Sunday, November 30, 2008

the little people inside (1)

The Brainwaves are, as we all know, little people who introduce us to inventions, the world, and the mysteries of the human body. But did you know there are actually little people living inside us? Richard Walker's How the Incredible Human Body Works has convinced our Thomas (5) that there are little people running around inside his body.

Thomas - Mummy, there are little people inside me, aren't there?
Mummy - No, honey, there aren't any little people inside you.
Thomas - Yes there are, the book says so!

I think I've got some explaining to do.


Rachael said...

There's a little man inside my head. That's how my brain works. He sits at a desk and behind him there is a tunnel and it branches into many many tunnels and there are all these caverns with all sorts of files in them. The information is in these files and the little man has to find the right file. Most of the time it works OK, but every now and then a file goes missing!! And he has to run around and around and around until he finds it and brings it to me at the front desk. Often he finds things in the middle of the night. Ah ha! I think there are other little men that help him, but I'm not sure about that.

Jean said...


Well, at least I know how to explain it to my son now. Thanks for your help! :-)