Saturday, November 8, 2008

online meanderings: self-control

Here's a quick guide to my posts, other people's posts, and some talks and books on self-control:

Some general posts on the subject:
  1. 15 things I've learned about self-control
  2. John MacArthur with some excellent tips for self discipline
Some posts on self-control and managing our thoughts and emotions:
  1. how to fight for joy
  2. self-control: thoughts and feelings
  3. Nicole's discussion of Carolyn Mahaney's chapter on self-control in Feminine Appeal
My posts on self-control and spending:
  1. my opening post - the attack of the killer credit card
  2. a follow-up - the attack of the killer credit card continues
  3. reflections on hard-won self-control - the joy of Christmas (shopping)
  4. some recent reflections on self-control and spending - online meanderings: self-control and spending
My series on dieting and gluttony:
  1. the day I went on a diet and decided to write about this topic - is dieting Christian
  2. some unhelpful approaches to dieting - the bizarre and the beautiful
  3. where I ask myself whether the Bible word "self-control" relates to food - in search of self-control
  4. where I learn what the Bible teaches about food, gluttony and moderation - what God says about food (a), (b) and (c) (and some musings on moderation)
  5. quotes on gluttony, dieting and self-control by Os Guiness, C.S.Lewis, Richard Gibson, Graham Tomlin, Henry Fairlie, Jerry Bridges, Carolyn Mahaney and John Piper
  6. where I talk about the effect this series has had on my own attitude to gluttony and dieting - my experience
  7. my review of Elyse Fitzpatrick's Love to Eat, Hate to Eat
Still on the topic of gluttony and dieting, I really appreciated these honest, thoughtful posts by other bloggers:
  1. Heather on self-control, gluttony and dieting
  2. Sophie on choosing godliness over being thin
  3. Cathy on fighting desire disorder
Some other posts on self-control:
  1. Noel Piper on bossiness
  2. Nicole on gossip
  3. Nicole on spiritual disciplines
  1. Carolyn Mahaney on self-control
  2. Crystal Muson on gluttony (I haven't heard this one, just going on Heather's recommendation)
  1. on gluttony and dieting - Elyse Fitzpatrick's Love to Eat, Hate to Eat
  2. chapters on gluttony and dieting - see excerpts from Os Guiness, C.S.Lewis, Richard Gibson, Graham Tomlin, Henry Fairlie
  3. chapters on self-control - see excerpts from Jerry Bridges, Carolyn Mahaney
  4. on how eating affects our ability to glorify and enjoy God - see excerpt from John Piper

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