Sunday, February 1, 2009

school holidays at our house

It's the last days of school holidays here in Victoria. I haven't enjoyed them as much as usual, because with Steve so sick I've been looking after 4 kids on my own - settling arguments, entertaining kids, and doing all the normal home tasks. But we've still had lots of fun. Here's some pictures.

On day 1 of the holidays Lizzy organised a competition to vote for the top 3 activities, and came up with a play schedule.

There was a little too much screen time, until Mum put her foot down.
The entire living room became a cubby on several occasions (or a real-life computer game, if the boys had any say in it).

The children made slime and a lovely mess!
Lizzy organised a craft program for the boys, making caterpillars out of egg cartons.
The Christmas toys came out of their boxes.
The highlight? A new cousin. So cute!
Back to school tomorrow, and back to the school routine for me. *sigh*

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