Wednesday, February 25, 2009

take 5

When I tuck my 10 year old daughter Elizabeth in at night, the last thing I do is pray with her.

I pray that she will come to know Jesus' love more and more. I pray that she will become as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Often, I pray that God will give her courage to tell her friends about Jesus.

A couple of weeks ago, she had to bring 5 things to school to share with her class. Each object was supposed to reveal something about her. Last year, I suggested she take in a Bible, but she was reluctant, and I didn't want to force her, since I thought this had to come from her.

This year she took in a book to show she loves reading, some crayons to show she loves drawing, a Nintendo DS game, and her gym costume: a potted summary of her interests.

She also took in a Bible. Even though she felt nervous, she told her class she's a Christian.

It's wonderful to see God answering my prayers for my daughter. How faithful he is to answer the prayers of his people! So often I doubt him, and wonder if he's really working in my children's hearts, but it's clear he's been slowly and silently changing Elizabeth, helping her to live courageously for him.

I've been encouraged to keep praying for my children with confidence, for God is good.


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful Jean. I will praise God for his work in Elizabeth's life when I pray at bedtime tonight. My fear for my children takes on a different shape. Up to now, the children are natural evangelists - they talk about Jesus without fear. When their grandfather takes them out, they ask him why he doesn't trust in Jesus. And they tell him why he should! I delight in their courage. But I often wonder, 'will it last?' I fear that eventually, their grandfather's arguments will have a stronger pull than Mum and Dad's teaching. But then, like you, I fall back on the goodness and sovereignity of God, trusting that only He can keep my children trusting in Jesus and give them the courage to keep standing up for Jesus. Thanks for the reminder.

Jean said...

Thanks, Carmelina. Good on your kids for being open with their grandad! Does he argue back? Keep trusting and praying!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jean,

yes he does argue with them. He says things like, "I don't need God.", "God's not real." When our kids say "Well my Dad says ...", their grandfather says "Well, we'll talk about it when you're older." So at least he respects our authority over them for the time being.

Our most fearless son ( who is 4) introduced his aunty by saying, "This is my aunty, she doesn't trust in Jesus, do you aunty S?'

He is not in the slightest bit worried by these interchanges, but I can't say the same for his Mum and Dad ... :)

Jean said...

Hmmm ... yes, I can see that might create some embarrassment!