Thursday, May 13, 2010

talking with kids about theology

Here's a helpful comment on yesterday's post by Peter Sholl about talking with our kids about theology.

I think we are often given to answering kid’s ‘deep’ questions with a brush off ‘don’t worry about that - you wouldn’t understand’. Often I wonder if that is code for ‘I’m not so sure, I can’t explain it and I don’t want to take the time to bother - who wants an ice cream?!’

I enjoy these sorts of questions from kids because they force me to think carefully and explain a difficult concept simply, without being simplistic - which is often difficult. (I often find preparing kids talks and Sunday school materials more difficult than an ‘adult sermon’ because ‘simple’ can often lead to ‘wrong’)

I also think it is a good habit to get into to start answering these sorts of questions from early on, rather than ‘waiting until you are older’ - because that sends the message that growing in maturity and understanding is something that happens when you are a ‘grown up’ - buts its a habit we need to start and encourage for all ages.
This comment appeared on Sola Panel last night.


Chris Little said...

Thanks for passing this on.

I often say that if someone can teach the gospel to children without producing legalists, that person can teach the gospel to anyone!

Little Chris

Anonymous said...

Albert Mohler said something very similar in his radio programme last Friday (14 May) on explaining doctrine to children which you can download from itunes.

I also liked your post on Barry's adventurous afternoon at yours.