Friday, May 28, 2010

where in the world are we?

The other day Thomas (6) was trying to explain to Andrew (3) our place in space. He got out a globe, and explained where we lived.

"Our house is in Melbourne. Melbourne is in Victoria. Victoria is in Australia. Australia is in the world."

"Do we live in Melbourne?", asked Andy.

"In one sense we do, in one sense we don't", said Tommy, rather confusingly.

"Is that Queensland?!", asked Andy with great excitement, pointing out our window.

"No!", laughed Tommy.

"Is God as big as the sea?"

"No!", laughed Tommy.

"Is God as big as the world?"

"No!", laughed Tommy.

"Is God infinity?"

It seems we're back where we started, teaching another child about the hugeness of God.

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