Friday, May 14, 2010

Tom and Barry

Thomas recently brought his class mascot Barry home to play. The idea is that you look after Barry for an afternoon, then write a page about his adventures in the class book.

I was a bit intimidated when I saw all the exciting things Barry did with the other children from Thomas's class (mother competitiveness rears its head again). But Tommy's big sister Lizzy took over - bless her! - and gave Barry a memorable afternoon at our house:

playing with our toys,

going on the swing,

jumping on the trampoline,

climbing a tree,

going for a ride,

eating an icypole,

drawing sheep (what else?!),

reading Tommy's reader, which also happened to be about sheep,

eating dinner (grass) with Thomas (rice),

getting tucked into bed,

and (of course!) writing it all up in the class book.

I think Barry enjoyed his stay. :)

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