Friday, June 18, 2010

Andy's cute stuff

I've been collecting Andy's cute sayings. After all, you're only 3 once! Here are some of my favourites.


"It was Daddy's birthday yesterday! Am I 4 now?"


"Tommy and I are bigger and stronger than everyone else. Yeah, but not God. Me and Tommy are not faster than ourselfs!"


"It's just like Mummy's kisses. It makes it a little bit better, but not all better." (Sadly, he's getting wise to the fact that Mummy's kisses don't make it all go away.)


"Heaven is on top of the sky. The sky is in the middle of the earth." (Hmmm ... an interesting cosmography ...)


"It's not Winter. It's not raining." (Well, actually, it is Winter, it's just not raining right now.)

"Look! It's raining! It's Winter!" (I think we need to work on our seasons ... .)


Lizzy - "You can't have this cereal. You're not gluten-free."

Andy - "I am fwee!" (three)


And here are some of Andy's favourite things: "Shushi", "Neutral Grain" and "Tevelision".


Anonymous said...

I love kid talk. We like "swushi" in our house :)

Jean said...

"Swushi". How cute is that?!