Thursday, June 24, 2010

super froggy turns 4

Well, it's official: our Super Froggy has turned 4 - for real this time! - and with another froggy cake!! Here's some photos of Andy with his froggy cake ...

and with a favourite present.

The cake was super easy.

Here's how we did it:

  • We baked a large square cake using 2 packet mixes.
  • We drew a frog on a square of paper the same size as the cake, and cut the frog shape out of the paper.
  • We placed the paper frog shape on top of the cake and used a big knife to cut the cake around it (and ate the cake scraps!).
  • We cut the mouth out of the paper frog shape, placed the paper mouth shape in the right spot on top of the cake, and iced around it with green butter icing.
  • We cut the tongue out of the paper mouth shape.
  • We put the paper frog shape (with the mouth cut out of it) on top of the cake, put the paper tongue shape inside the mouth, and iced inside the mouth with dark pink icing.
  • We filled in the tongue with pale pink icing.
  • We outlined the frog with licorice strings, and used marshmallows and licorice circles for the eyes.
I hope that makes sense! Sorry there are no step-by-step photos, I ran out of time! :)


Valori said...

Very cute! I was wondering how you did your black outlines so neatly, and then I saw you used licorice -- great idea!

My two youngest just had their birthdays last week, and we were talking about cakes from the past. When my Patrick (just turned 12) was still three, he had already decided what kind of cake he wanted for his 4th and 5th birthdays. And he stuck with the 5th birthday one all through that time -- a green crayon cake (funny choice, but it's what he wanted). I was in the hospital at the time because of my last pregnancy, so thankfully a friend made his green crayon cake, and it was much better than I ever would have done! Looked very real. Thankfully, now he always picks dirt cake which is MUCH easier :).

Jean said...

A dirt cake?! I'd love to see that! Is it from the Ruby and Max story "Bunny Cake"? Does it have earthworms in it and green slime and red hot marshmallow squirters on it like Max's does? Sounds great! :)

Valori said...

Hey Jean -- Never heard of Ruby and Max or "Bunny Cake." I'll have to look that up! It's probably good I never saw it because the dirt cake I make sounds much simpler than that! Cool whip mixed with vanilla pudding layered with crushed Oreos. Two layers of each with the Oreos on top (the dirt) and little gummy worms sticking out of the holes. I guess it's not technically a cake, but Patrick picks it every year :).