Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meredith's reflections: should I go back to work?

My dear bloggy friend Meredith is facing a decision which comes to most mums in time: should I go back to work when my kids are all in school? It's a decision I'll be facing myself in a year, and I've been soaking up Meredith's wise reflections. She says,

Not going to work during the last seven years was a no-brainer for me. And we have managed to make ends meet, thanks be to God. But here is the thing. We now get to decide whether we continue on like this or not. We are faced with a choice. ...

As a Christian, how do I best use the time now given to me to serve God, my family and my community, bearing in mind my own capacities and circumstances? It's not a question anyone else can answer for me. Nor is it one I can answer for anyone else. But that is the big question.

If you'd like to read Meredith's thoughts about this issue, the many helpful responses she received, and her personal conclusions about what she's going to do next year and why, check out these links.

A difficult transition

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image is by Meredith (I think)

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