Thursday, December 23, 2010

how you can use in all honesty

Tomorrow will be my last post on in all honesty for a while. I'm taking a break to work out whether this is how God wants me to use my time. My husband Steve has long service leave next year: a wonderful opportunity to rest, recover and reflect on what God wants from me.

Normally, I'd post from the archives while I'm away, but I won't be doing that this time. I need a complete break! But please feel free to dig around in the archives. If you scroll down the right column of my blog, you can see I've indexed everything pretty thoroughly. Browse through the topics as much as you like!

Every now and again, someone writes and asks if they can print something from in all honesty to share with others. I'm always surprised and encouraged when this happens! Here's some ways you've used in all honesty:

  • you've printed a post on a particular topic to discuss in your small group
  • you've shared what I've written with someone you're mentoring
  • you've used ideas for Sunday School lessons or Bible studies
  • you've put a post in your church's bulletin
  • you've included an article in the hand-out for a women's conference or retreat.

I'm often asked about copyright. All you need to do is contact me then include something like this at the end: "This article first appeared on Jean Williams' blog in all honesty ( and is reprinted with permission."

If it's something I wrote for Sola Panel or The Briefing, you'll need to include something like this: "This article first appeared on Sola Panel ( / in The Briefing ( and is reprinted with permission from Matthias Media."

I love it when God uses what I've written to encourage others - that's why I write - so share away! Just contact me and tell me about it - you'll make my day!

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charissa said...

Thanks, Jean, for so many thoughtful and encouraging posts. I have really benefitted from reading your blog. I hope you have a good break and feel recharged by it. I would love to see you back sometime but pray that God will give you the wisdom to know what is best for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean for the time and energy you put into your posts. Thanks for your generosity in sharing what you have written - I have been the recipient in the past. As a friend recently encouraged me: may you have fresh eyes for the eternal rest we have in Jesus. Love, Jo x