Friday, December 17, 2010

whoopee cushion: stop motion without the motion

Ben (10) has been sick a lot this year, first with whooping cough and recently with flu. While away from school, he's done lots of stop motion photography (without the motion, because we don't have an animation program) mostly involving railway tracks and Thomas the Tank Engine.

He and Lizzy made their own stop motion show (without the motion) about a whoopee cushion the other day. Here it is (without the motion - but perhaps if you squinted and scrolled down really fast...) - and, as a bonus, you get to see our messy house too! :)

Well, it made me laugh, anyway!


Valori said...

Cute, Jean. Kids are very creative, aren't they?

And that's not a messy house -- that's a normal house when people actually live in it!

believer333 said...

that was very funny. Loved it. :)

Simone R. said...

Hi Jean.

We've done stop motion stuff. You don't actually need a stop motion program. Just put the pics into windows movie maker and make the slide transition really fast (I think we did 8 per second). It works and is quick to do.


Jean said...

Thanks, Simone, very helpful! :)

Jean said...

ps. Hey, Simone, how do you upload it to YouTube once you've done that? And then how do you post it on your blog? You can tell I'm a tech expert! :)

Simone R. said...

Publish the movie and save it on your computer or burn it onto a cd or something, then go to youtube (make yourself an account if you don't already have one) then follow the instructions to upload it. Then press 'embed' to get the code to paste into your blog.

Does that help?