Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 books that changed who I am (1) childhood and teens - getting to know God

Nic tagged me for this meme. Lovely! But how do I cut it down to 5? As I look back over life's seasons, it seems to me that God shaped me in at least one significant way during each season, and that he used one book (or group of books) to do it.

Here they are - plus the one book that's changed me all along the way. (I'm going to cheat a little and post these one at a time, starting with childhood.)

1. childhood and teens - getting to know God
I was brought up on CS Lewis, and read his books over and over - fantasy, mythology, autobiography, Christian living, theology - but most of all, as a child, The Chronicles of Narnia. CS Lewis taught me to love and live for God, delight in creation, long for heaven, lose myself in reading and writing - and so many other things! When an idea pops into my head, a CS Lewis quote is never far away.

Runner ups: JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings, Patricia St John Treasures of the Snow (and everything else she wrote), plus books by Isobel Kuhn, Peter Marshall, Sallie Lee Bell, and others. Writing this is reminding me to encourage my kids to read more Christian books...

What were the books that changed you as a child or teenager? Tell us here.

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