Saturday, February 11, 2012

an interview with Andy about school

My son Andy started school just over a week ago. Compared to my other kids, he's remarkably chatty when he gets home! Here's what he told me after his first day at school.

So what's school like? Is it very long?

It goes for millions and millions of years.

Are you tired out?

Oh yes, it was a long day. Even when you're in the first year of school, why does it have to take so long?

Do you do work yet?

We don't do work, we just do fun stuff like playing around. That kind of thing.

Did you have sport or art?

Well, Mum, I tell you what. We done our sport till we went home.

What did you do with Ben [his big brother] at playtime?

We weren't really playing anything. We walked around doing stupid stuff.

Anything else to tell me about school?

All of the guys at school when you're not counting the teachers are kids!!! Big kids, small kids, all kinds of kids! Because you're not at school when you're a grown-up. Because when you're a grown-up, straight away you'll stop school.


Deb L said...

My Luke just started school this week too. I got nothing like this quality information from him. And after the second day, he stopped letting me walk him to his room. Ha! I've been sneaking back later to check he made it in okay.

Jean said...

Your Luke sounds a lot like my other 3 on the information front! :) Don't worry, you'll get bits of information, it just takes longer with most.

Andrew said...

I love the line "All of the guys at school when you're not counting the teachers are kids!!!". Very funny and it sounds like you have a very informed little boy.

Deb L said...

This morning the lack of information was my downfall. I received the two VERY important notices sent home on Friday, and the book I was supposed to be covering over the weekend, when I asked for his lunchbox which was unwashed and stinky. Plus, when we got to school, I discovered a reader had been sent home over the weekend for the first was still on his bedroom floor at home and the THIRD very important note inside it. Aghghghgh. Good thing we live close to our school.

Jean said...

:) Well, if it's any consolation, I forgot both Andy's "share time" and his "brain food", both of which he was supposed to bring today. The problem isn't lack of information, it's that I've got a brain like a sieve!

Deb L said...

Obviously, you needed that "brain food" for yourself! Send some my way...