Friday, February 24, 2012

online meanderings - criticized husbands, parenting with emotion, questions about sex and other stuff

This week, I was challenged by

How to help your husband when he's criticized - "Carefully listen to what's being said. If there is something legitimate, bring that lovingly and carefully to your husband...If I observed a wife who was reluctant to correct her husband I would be concerned with that marriage." CJ and Carolyn Mahaney quoted by Tony Reinke.

Pray with your books closed - I'm all too prone to pray with them open. "The aim of our study is to know God...Marvel...Close your books and pray." Jonathon Parnell.

Hospitality and generosity in the Luther home - A home open to boarders, and a pocket-book open to the poor. Justin Taylor

A rant about the black hole of social networking - "I wonder if we added up, collectively, how many hours mankind currently wastes on social networking sites rather than real-life doing good to others, or learning a new skill, or reading a good book, or performing Noble and Brave Acts, we would be amazed and apalled." An old post from a blog newly recommended to me by Leila and Maddi.

I was encouraged by

The glories of God's sustaining grace when our prayers aren't answered - "Sometimes God is more clearly present in the sustaining grace and peace he grants when he doesn’t choose to heal in this age." John Knight

Besties and resties - Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels oh, so uncool. Glad to hear your thoughts on friendship, Bek. Sounds like a plan - a good one.

Diciplining a child is like being on a permanent diet - Disciplining children is hard, constant work. Yeah! Soph HT Nicole.

Grace for today and not a drop more - "God showed up today with enough grace to get me through the day, and he’ll show up tomorrow too. So shut up imagination." Stephen Altrogge

I was helped by

Go beyond the sex questions - What do you answer when someone asks you what's appropriate in bed? "Perhaps it’s time that we shift focus from “Can we?” and “Can’t we?” to a better question: “Why do you ask?”" Trevin Wax

Love God in front of your children - "Don't just tell your kids to love God. John Piper talks in this short clip about why it's important to model and express our feelings about God to our kids." Thanks, Nicole.

How Seinfeld's productivity secret fixed my procrastination problem - An interesting organisational tip. HT Challies

I was informed by

What to say when someone says the Bible has errors - Really helpful stuff. Something I need to read slowly so I can answer my Muslim friend. Jonathon Dodson.

My twit's view of Lent - "I’m a little uneasy at how excited everyone seems about Lent...all the urgings of the need, wisdom, or great spiritual value of giving something up or adding some special activity...The reality is Christ. Do we need anything more?" I liked this post by Sandy Grant.

Anniversary number 1 for Sunday - A fascinating post about the attack on Darwin Harbour in 1942, a stained glass window, and prayer for our armed forces. Welcome back, Sandy!

A second anniversary for Sunday - "200 years ago...Adoniram and Ann Judson sailed from Massachusetts..., apparently the first Protestant American missionaries to travel overseas...A comfortable life for their kids was not the Judsons’ great ambition." Inspiring stuff from Sandy - again!

and this made me giggle.

The glory of the stay-at-home mom - From Vitamin Z.

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